Monday, December 1, 2014

Just One Year Book Review (No spoilers)

Today's book review is over Just One Year, a companion to Gayle Forman's Just One Day series. I was ecstatic to finally able to read Just One Year since Just One Day was such a great book and one of my favorite YA contemporary novels ever.

Just One Year is about the search for "Lulu" (the girl he traveled and connected with in Paris), family, and fate.


  • Just One Year is set after the events from Just One Day, which for me, was not what I was expecting. I thought this book was going to pick after they meet again, but this was more like Wilhelm's somewhat-origin story. This may not a con to some, but it was a little disappointing for me.
  • There were many boring moments.
  • There were so many characters that when a certain name came up, I forgot who that person was.
  • Not enough of "Lulu" (or Allyson)


  • The reader gets to learn more about Wilhelm such as his family, his personality, his friends, his past.
  • The book is in Wilhelm's point-of-view. It's interesting to read in his perspective on things. 
  • Lovable characters (practically a boy named Prateek)
  • There were moments that were sweet 

Overall, I thought Just One Year is mediocre compared to its other pair. There wasn't any suspense or climax that made the book a page turner, but I do find some elements that were heartwarming and meaningful. I guess I just expected more for Just One Year.

3 out of 5 stars

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